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"I've spent a lifetime learning & understanding the language of dogs."

     Freddie B. has been raising dogs since he was a little boy and over the last years 50+ years, has developed the gift of being able to understand them, their body language, and in essence, the ability to communicate with them on some level and to help them learn behaviors and modify existing behaviors...this all is in part due to his gift of Asperger's Syndrome.

     When Freddie B. retired in 2016, he decided to combine his love of dogs and his "abilities" to communicate with them by becoming a volunteer at his local animal shelter.  Since then, he has volunteered over 1000 hours and shortly after he began, he started to specifically work with fearful dogs and dogs that have behavioral issues by helping them improve their behaviors, become less fearful, and to learn trust, security, and love.


     Furthermore, during the early part of the Northern California campfire disaster in Nov. 2018, Freddie B. volunteered nearly 100 hours at the emergency animal shelter in Chico, California helping care for several hundred rescued dogs, and was specifically assigned by staff to work with the most extremely fearful and traumatized dogs, including those referred to as “fear biters" when they quickly recognized his expertise and abilities with working with these type of dogs.


     In addition to being able to help socialize the most fearful and aggressive dogs using a variety of positive reinforcement behavior modification methods, Freddie B. has the skills, abilities, and expertise to help dogs learn new behaviors such as sit, stay, recall, down, etc. and to help modify undesirable behaviors in dogs such as digging, chewing, barking, jumping, ect. by introducing them to more rewarding desirable alternate behaviors.  


     Freddie B.'s teaching method is based on positive-reinforcement, a relationship of trust and bonding, and a reward based system where a, "no free lunch" policy is adhered to - the dog earns what he desires through desirable behaviors such as sitting verses jumping for attention, waiting at an open door verses barging through, sitting and waiting for a release when he is fed - these help develop the pet parent(s) as the leader(s) in building and reinforcing the relationship with the dog.


     In 2019, Freddie B. decided to pursue formal education as a dog trainer and after a year of studies and exams with Animal Behavior College (ABC); which included a graded externship with a highly experienced certified dog trainer with ABC, he received his dog trainer certification with "ABCDT" awarded as his formal dog trainer title.  To this day, Freddie B. continues to educate himself with a variety of canine training & behavior modification articles, publications, workshops, lectures, and courses - especially those on the subject of dog cognition & aggression.

     Freddie B's professional memberships include: APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), PPG (Pet Professional Guild), and IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals.


     To date (as of the latter part of 2022) Freddie B. has helped over 50 clients with their furry family members with a Google rating across the board of 5 stars.

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Behavior Modification & Basic Behavior Teaching (aka Training)




     Teaching you dog alternate more rewarding & desirable behaviors other than the undesirable ones such as digging, jumping, leash pulling, chewing on things he is not supposed to.


     Dog behaviors that we as humans sometimes find undesirable are natural behaviors dogs find rewarding and and self-gratifying.  It is our responsibility to teach the dogs there are more rewarding alternate behaviors and that the undesirable ones are no longer rewarding and gratifying..

     Teaching basic behaviors: sit, sit/stay, come, down, walk on leash (both at heel and loose), focus, etc.

     I teach using positive reinforcement, relationship-based, and a reward based it treats, praise, a toy, or something else your dog values.

     The learning experience for a dog should be fun, engaging, and rewarding, not boring nor a negative experience.  Helping you dog learn can also help improve and solidify the bond between you and him.

     I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours of "hands on" experience evaluating and working with extremely fearful dogs and fear-based aggression in dogs. 


     In addition, I am continuously reinforcing & supplementing my experience and knowledge with articles and mini-courses in the area of dog psychology & body language.  


     I will apply all of my experience, knowledge, and training to evaluating what fears your dog has and come up with a decisive plan to help him or her, including desensitization methods.  This includes general anxiety or separation anxiety.

     During this one hour session, I will observe and evaluate your dog's behaviors/lack of desired behaviors and interaction with you, explain my teaching methods  philosophies,

and give hands-on examples. 


     I will then discuss with you the specific behavior training/behavior modifications you would like, then suggest and review my recommended training plan.


Handouts, either in digital form or paper form (your option) will be given.

Available online

1 hr 30 min • $50 / Pricing plan

Tuesday, May 9

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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