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February 9th, 2020

*****          Rescue Coordinator (county shelter)

Brittany Fonseca

"I have many years experience in an open admission municipal shelter, specializing in fearful dogs, and I was astonished by Fred’s natural abilities. His dedication, patience, and true understanding of dogs behavior is top notch. He is persistent and will take what ever time is needed to set animals up for success. Whether it be leash training, fear biting, and other behavioral problems...he has is covered. I have personally seen Fred take on the hardest cases and succeed. Individuals like Fred are few and far between. I highly recommend him."

February 15th, 2020

*****                    Shelter Adopter Client

Leanna Scott & Mara

"I first met Freddie at the San Jacinto Animal Campus Shelter because of a fearful German Shepherd I was going to adopt. I saw that he was very caring with the fearful dogs, so I asked for his help with another fearful dog I had adopted. He came to my house very quickly after my request & worked/taught my new dog, Mara & me how to walk on leash, go through a dog door, and to sit/stay before running out the front door. Mara had been at another shelter for about one year, she was afraid to leave my bedroom. Mara & I are doing great. I feel with Freddie’s help, Mara & I are more confident. I didn’t know exactly what to do to help her. Freddie is a gentle, knowledgeable, great teacher. He spent a lot of extra time with us. I am so happy with our results & that I asked for his help. Thank you so much Freddie. Leanna Scott"

February 8th, 2020

*****   Animal Rescuer for "Rescue for Pet Sake"

Darlynn Katie (For Pete Sake Animal Rescue) - Hubert (American Pit Bull Terrier)

"Freddie is the most compassionate, loving person I have met.  He loves all these animals so much he is so helpful and such an amazing person.  We rescued Hubert from the San Jacinto Animal Shelter and he was so helpful and loving towards Hubert...and got him to open up.  Hubert is a very fearful dog and I was having some issues when I brought Hubert home. I wrote Freddie and asked him if he could help.  He came to my home stayed here for almost 2 hours and got Hubert to open up and come out of hiding.  He is the most awesome person I have met in a while.  After Freddie left, unfortunately Hubert went back to the side of the house and I again called Freddie.  He came straight back to my house and helped me again and walked me through the process of how I can help Hubert to get through this. thank you so much Freddie, you’re an amazing person 💖🐾"

June 4th, 2020 

*****                                 Client

Lynn Reinheimer & "Ellbee" (Brazilian Mastiff)

"Freddie KNOWS dogs, dog energy! Helped us with a fearful dog today. Just hours after he left us with new tools, we were able to calmly get dog outside without panic, and no growling! Amazing talent, generous with his knowledge and a real pleasure to know."

Lynn's post-session email to me:


"Hi Freddie. It was so nice to meet you and hear your expertise. You do have an amazing understanding of the dog mind/body/soul, which I appreciate. We ALL learned so much today, and have already put your teachings into practice. Mike got down on Ellbee’s level, gave treats, got some pets, all without any growls! Then, after he ate, I did the gentle leash pull with treats technique and GOT HIM TO GO TO THE SLIDER DOOR, while he WAITED FOR ME TO GO FIRST! Amazing. It all worked, patience, persistence, practice! I rewarded Ellbee in the yard on leash while he heeled (without knowing it), took advantage of opportunistic training. I think we are going to make strides now. Mike is encouraged, and I see a change only hours after you were here. We have been doing the fingers in the food, learned that years ago by having Rottweilers and getting some training, also took our t shirts out to the rescue the very first time we met Ellbee and had her put them in his kennel! So far, so good. We will be in touch with our progress. I look forward to getting the handouts about dog postures from you. We found the fact sheet on Brazilian Mastiff very interesting. Good info to have. Thanks SO much for journeying all the way out here. We appreciate you."

March 6th, 2020

*****                                              Shelter Adopter Client

Angel Sprankles

"My boyfriend and I met Freddie at the San Jacinto shelter when we went to go look at a few dogs that we were considering adopting and he was super sweet, knowledgable and honest and you could tell he was very passionate about what he does! When we adopted a husky/shepherd mix and were interested in getting him behavioral training, we both knew we wanted to try Freddie first and I'm glad we did!! He came to our house and taught us the basic commands, how to keep Chiron from racing into the house and how to slowly start introducing him with our 2 cats(which was very nerve racking for me before but, with Freddie, now I feel more at ease and have a better direction on what we need to do moving forward). We even got one of the cats (the calmer one) to boop noses with him :) I would HIGHLY recommend Freddie to anybody interested in getting professional training with their dog, he was very affordable and did such a great job that we insisted on giving him a little extra because he definitely deserved it!!! Thank you again Freddie"

March 6th, 2020

*****                                                                             Client

Alex O'Hare

"From start to finish Freddie was focused and dedicated to observing my dogs behavior and teaching me about the reasoning behind their actions. It took less than 5 minutes and both of my anxious dogs were already approaching and being friendly with Freddie. This guy has a passion and true skill when it comes to working with animals and to anyone with a young pet or one with social issues I highly recommend giving Freddie a try!!"

June 2nd, 2020

*****                                                                          Client

Christina Baisden & "Piper" (4 mos. old Boxer mix)

Initial Assessment/Consultation:

"I reached out to Freddie to help me train my new puppy and address my older dogs aggression toward her. It was very easy to schedule a time with Freddie via his website. When Freddie arrived he was friendly and respectful to my furrr babies. He also has lots of knowledge about dogs and psychology which helped me understand my dogs and their behaviors. I plan to enlist Freddie’s services in the near future and definitely recommend his services."

Basic Foundation Behaviors: 4 week program:

"We adopted Piper (Phoebe) from ARE [local rescue] about 4 months ago. Well, last week she graduated from her puppy training. We had such a fantastic experience with Freddie B's Furry Friends [Freddie B. the Dog Teacher]. Because of Freddie and his wreath of knowledge and compassion about dogs and dog psychology she and her family will have a much better life. Thank you ARE for our loving furr-baby and thank you Freddie for our smart and well mannered puppy!! Jen, Chris, Denton, and Piper. ❤️❤️"

Oct. 4th, 2020 

*****                                Client

Debbie Sheppeard & Star (Queensland Heeler)

"We are very pleased with the training that we received from Freddie. Freddie is reliable,

efficient and works well with our dog, Star. Our new dog has learned how to do all the

basic training techniques. We highly recommend him. At the end of the training, we received 8x10 portraits of Star with our family and a professional training certificate. This training was well worth the money"

Oct. 10th, 2020 

*****                                Client

Janeen Bahr (Societys Outkasts Animal Rescue) & Rosie

"Freddie did a great job traveling to the desert and assessing my fearful dog. He was able to show me some tips on how to offset her fear and hopefully allow her to integrate into a family."

Nov. 20th, 2020 

*****                                 Client

Csilla Coppany (Foster for Alljoy4paws Rescue) & Cooper (3 year old Siberian Husky)                      

"Fred is the dog whisperer! We have a husky foster and three other of our own dogs and we are trying to blend another one into our pack. Fred understands dogs, more importantly he understand shelter dogs. He knows how to communicate with them and us and the family. Adopting a dog into a family is a long commitment and getting dog training is a priority. He is reasonable in his prices. He is worth every penny. We will continue to use his services as we need the help!"

Dec. 12th, 2020 

*****                               Client

Art M. & Ranger and Jack (Poodle & 8 year old German Shepherd Dog)            

"Freddie B is a great pet teacher. Our 2 dogs loved him and learned quickly. His techniques

are totally positive and engaging, and he provides extra resources to ensure success. It’s obvious he loves dogs and wants the best life for them."

Jan. 10th, 2021

*****                               Client

Roxanne Partida & "Tugs" (8 year old Chocolate Labrador)

"I knew Fred from volunteering at the shelter. My rescue was a leash puller and I immediately thought of Fred for assistance. He worked with my dog and I for one session. My dog was responsive and quickly understood Fred’s instructions. I will certainly seek Fred’s advice should the need arise. I would highly recommend Fred."

Jan. 18th, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

                                                Carla Ward & "Ruby" (7 mos German Shepherd Dog)

Initial Assessment/Consultation:

"He helped me to better understand how to train my dog. What I was doing was wrong. Definitely will be taking the other four weeks and my dog Ruby loves him!"

Feb. 26th, 2021


Basic Foundation Behaviors: 4 week program:

"Freddie is amazing. Not only did he train my dog. He also helped me learn to work with my dog. Ruby was very stubborn for me but not anymore with Freddie’s help! Please don’t hesitate to hire him you won’t be sorry.❤️❤️ Thank You Freddie"

Feb. 13th, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

Courtney Brown & "Harley" (8 mos. Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd Dog mix)

Initial Assessment/Consultation:

"Freddie was absolutely Amazing with our dog, he came in and right away was able to make corrections he was very informative and all of it was helpful and it had immediate impact."

March 8th, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

Camille Abraham & "Bella" (3 mos. Sheepadoodle)

Initial Assessment/Consultation:

"Freddie was on time & took time to explain what the challenges were with my Sheepadoodle and we made progress the first session."

March 8th, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

Bri Martin & "Turbo" (4 mo. Rat Terrier/Shepherd)

Initial Assessment/Consultation & 4-week Training Program:

"Freddie was very patient with our Turbo and knew exactly what he was doing during our consultation and 4 week program. Turbo was a tough case but Freddie never gave up on him."

March 28th, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

Elizabeth Padilla & Roscoe (3 mo. male German Shepherd)

4-week Basic Foundation Behaviors Training Program:

"Freddie was great, very professional, always on time and Rosco loved him. He's a great trainer and Rosco and I learned so much from him. We couldn't have picked a better trainer than Freddie. Thank you for training my Fur baby."

April 1st, 2021

*****                                                                        Client

Julia Maruyama & Thai, 3 year old German Shepherd

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable, and my dog really responded to his methods of teaching which was non abusive/corrective, but more incentive oriented [Positive Reinforcement training method]. I was amazed how quickly my dog responded/learned and was really attentive to him. He taught me how to do the same thing and gave lots of handouts and access to his teaching methods. I just have to keep repeating what he taught and my dog really has responded well, not pulling on the leash or trying to rush out of the house/kennel area and waiting for me to give permission."

February 26th, 2022

*****                                                                       Client

Becky & Zeus, 1 year old Siberian Husky

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"Freddie was amazing with our dog, Zeus. He knows what he's talking about and it shows by his actions with the dogs!! Thank you Freddie!!"

March 13th, 2022

*****                                                                           Client

Lisa Gallagher & Aussie, Australian Shepheard

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"As a foster mom working with a rescue organization, I consulted with Freddie regarding a little Australian shepherd who was experiencing a high level of anxiety and fear aggression. Freddie honed right in on the problem and, over the period of just one hour, was able to show me how to bring about significant changes in not only this little guys’ behavior but in his underlying emotional state. Freddie was super-organized and extremely well prepared. He was patient, clear, and easy to understand. He not only demonstrated what I needed to do but explained the rationale for it, allowing me to later apply my knowledge in a variety of novel situations. One of the things I appreciated most about the session with Freddie is his focus on the dog, rather than just the behavior. He was very perceptive to this traumatized little dog’s emotional state and provided me a well-thought-out approach to working with it. I had almost instantaneous success with the plan Freddie laid out, with the result that less than three weeks later this little dog had made such dramatic progress that he was readily adopted into a perfect home. Thank you, Freddie--I appreciate your help so much!"

March 20th, 2022

*****                                                                           Client


                                                             Joshua Cook & Zuri, 18 mo. old Catahoula Bulldog

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"After our oldest dog passed away, our second youngest girl which is a Catahoula/American Bulldog mix “about 18 months old” started becoming very possessive over the humans which leaded to aggression towards the other dogs. So much so she got into a fight with our 5 year old Boston Terrier which caused her to lose an eye. That was the final straw. We started to question if we could still keep her. The dog is amazing in every other sense of the word but we have 4 other dogs and can’t continue the emergency vet visits/dressing wounds and cleaning up blood. We have never had to surrender a dog before and didn’t want to make that choice without exhausting every option. We decided to call Freddie B. This guy is amazing! We started with a phone call and before I even paid him anything he took time out of his day to send me a bunch of information about the specific issue I was having. Before he came by he researched the specific dog breed and printed us a folder with a bunch of good information. He came to the house and the dogs immediately welcomed him. As soon as he walked into the door and started petting Zuri she tried snapping at our other Boston Terrier and he immediately took control of the situation. He spent time on training and aggression techniques and also teaching us humans that since the “Alpha” passed away she was taking that role but needs to learn she can’t do it in a demanding/bullying manor. He showed us how to get started and I truly believe Zuri has a strong chance in this pack.

If you are considering surrendering a dog for any reason there may be an easier fix than you think. Please put every effort in to the animals you committed to and give Freddie a call. He cares more about the well being of the dog than the money which is a hard trait to find these days!"

June 4th, 2022

*****                                                                                Client


                                                                        Margo Woelk Johnson & Bandit, 1 year old Toy Poodle

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"Very knowledgeable. Kind and very sensitive to Bandit's needs. Look forward to our next session!"

June 19th, 2022

****                                                                                Client


                                                                        Casey B. & Kettle Chip, 3 year old Australian Shepherd

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"Though we have only began with a consultation, Freddie was positive and confident when working with my 3 yr old Blue Heeler. He has been expressing aggressive behaviors, especially in tight quarters and while I was a nervous wreck with him off leash in the house while a brand new, standing visitor, Freddie was able to read his body language, respect his boundaries to a fine line and left the session with no problems!

"We have never had a trainer that was as hands-on with Kettle Chip (my dog) and invested in building a relationship. I loved that he could show and explain cues Kettle Chip was expressing and explain behavioral threshold so although we have our work cut out for us, there are things other people can be doing to help us or at least understand.

Reviewed basic skills that we had learned in a prior class, but kindly reminded me how lenient we all get once in the daily grind. He was also able to get on the good side of my non-dog loving father and keep him engaged although he may not have liked Freddie's advice (I'm on Freddie's side!).

Freddie is willing to customize his package content depending on our progression through the skills which I think is great considering we have previous knowledge. Although, I have yet to have a good handle on how far we can go with Freddie, I am excited to refresh on those basic skills that strengthen our relationship, at the very least!"

August 19th, 2022

*****                                                                                Client


                                                                        Charles Duffy & Emily, 3 mo. Creme English Retriever

Four-Week Basic Behavior Teaching Program:


"Freddie was wonderful.  His patience with Emily was awesome.  His patience training us as owners was equally impressive. My wife and I highly recommend his service."

Nov. 9th, 2022

*****                                                                           Client


                                                                        Ashley Dawley & Ruby, 14 week mixed-breed Vizsla

Four-Week Basic Behavior Teaching Program:


"We highly recommend Freddie to work with any dog! We did Freddie’s 4 week training program with our puppy, Ruby. He was very knowledgeable, taught both us and Ruby a lot, and helped set us on a path for success with our new puppy. I found his prices to be very reasonable, and we loved that he came to our home for the teaching sessions. It made it easy for the whole family to be involved, and it was nice to be teaching Ruby new behaviors in a familiar environment. Thanks for everything, Freddie!"


Nov. 21st, 2022

*****                                                                  Client


                                   Anita Gow & Courage, Courage, 15 months old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd

Four-Week Basic Behavior Teaching Program:


"Freddie is the very BEST!! He has such a love for animals and is very kind. His teaching style is positive reinforcement. He performed miracles with my unruly German Shepherd pup. I can’t recommend him enough !!"

Jan. 17th, 2023




                                                                Julie Sanders - Two 2-yr. old French Bulldogs

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"I appreciate the time and knowledge that Freddie shared with us.  I highly recommend his service, with 2 agitated frenchies he was able to assess and help my daughter and myself to better understand our dogs. 
We are going to continue with his training program."


Feb. 11th, 2023




                                                               Renee Casselman & Lilybelle, 8 mo. old Blue Heeler

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"I was so frustrated with my 9 mn old mini blue heeler pup, we’re not new to the breed, she’s my 3rd one that my family has had. I reached out to Freddie hoping he could help me with her, I WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH FREDDIE! I cannot say enough about how he interacted with Lily, with my family, and how he reinforced how I was training her. He has been a godsend to me! I’m not stressed or frustrated about how I’m going about training my pup! He explains everything he’s doing, and is VERY hands on with your fur babies! If you’re looking for someone to help you out or just advice, FREDDIE IS YOUR GUY! Don’t be afraid to reach out to him! He is an amazing person with a ton of experience and knowledge!! Thank you FreddieB for your insight, patience and support!! I for one will be letting everyone know about you!!"


Feb. 13th, 2023

*****                                                               Client


                                                                      Lauren Ambrose, fearful adult rescue dog

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:


"I reached out to Freddie for help with my adult rescue dog who is very fearful. Freddie was extremely kind and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain breed characteristics, body language, and the importance of building a strong bond using positive training methods. I really appreciated his compassion and willingness to adjust our meetings based on the actions and needs of my dog. He provided me with a wealth of tips and resources to help us at our own pace. Highly recommend Freddie!"

March 12th, 2023

*****                                                                      Client


                                                                        Skylyn Wood, 4-year-old Goldendoodle

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"Freddie is amazing! The knowledge and patience he had for my dog was so appreciated. He took his time to make sure that we understood how to train our pup and look for signs of aggression, he also took the extra step to give us all the paperwork and articles that he had access to. I recommend Freddie to everyone!"

May 3rd, 2023

*****                                                                       Client


                                                                        Cathie Torres, "Cooper"- 3-month-old Boston Terrier

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"I would recommend Freddie to everyone who has a dog. He has a genuine passion for teaching dogs and the pet parents. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a special connection with dogs. I was so impressed with how he taught me how to teach my pup. His lessons made a huge difference in my pups manners in a short period of time."

May 31st, 2023

*****                                                                           Client


                                                                        Amanda Schelin & Kobe - 2 years Rottweiler

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"Highly recommend Freddie's services. Practical application and informative training methods has helped us integrate a shelter dog into our adult large breed pack."

June 25th, 2023

*****                                                                           Client


                                                                        Dirk Diggler & Teddy -  2 years Rottweiler

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

"Freddie helped me understand how to apply the well-known techniques of dog training. There are a variety of resources available but I simply did not understand how to apply them cohesively, and progressively. Freddie traveled to my location, covered topics from breed traits to daily training techniques, and provide his services at a competitive rate. His passion is evident. He was the first person I met who expressed unwavering confidence to correcting resource guarding issues. If you take half of what Freddie teaches to heart you will notice improvement in under a week. I believe I can take his single training session to guide future dogs, but if I ever had an issue Freddie is the first person I would reach out to."

August 9th, 2023

*****                                                                       Client


                                                                  Gerry & "Esko", Wire Fox Terrier, 4 months

Four-week Basic Behavior Teaching Program:

     "I have had WFT's all my life and I have yet to have a trainer that knows what he is doing. Not only did Freddie B. show up on time, he came with a folder of my wire fox terrier, his photo and history of the wire, (that was a personal touch), and gained my trust.


     He was organized with reading material regarding the language of my dog, how it is a life long learning experience, and how, if you want your relationship with your dog to be a most successful one, you would benefit from the
knowledge Freddie B. gives.  He is filled with information, giving ideas and demonstrating how to implement behaviors of your dog both good and bad. 


     Wires are a notoriously stubborn breed and Freddie B. was able to achieve results it would have taken me a lifetime
to achieve. Because of Freddie B's knowledge and his remarkable ability to get the best out of your dog, I would highly recommend, even a veteran dog trainer, to contact Freddie B. You will have a happier life with your furry friend by understanding your dogs language.

Janetta & Hamilton.jpg

August 12th, 2023

*****                                                                           Client


                                                                        Janetta King & Hamilton -  4-year old GSD

Four-week Basic Behavior Teaching Program:

     "Freddie B did an amazing job working with Hamilton, my 4 1/2 year old German shepherd who had become fearful/ aggressive to visitors to our home.

     The first visit Hamilton was completely crazed wanting to attack, now he is a much calmer and more approachable.
We did the Behavior assessment and 4 one on one sessions, and with the tools/training given, we are both more confident and Hamilton is less fearful, more attentive, and definitely more confident and well behaved.

We still have work to do, but with the foundation Freddie provided, I am confident we will only get better."

August 14th, 2023

*****                                                                Client


                                                    Jim Underwood & Boomer, 15 week GSD & Malinois

Behavior Assessment & Consultation:

     "If you want a furbaby that’s happy and a good citizen call Freddie B. He made an instant connection with my Malinois and that is saying something if you’re familiar with breed. I would highly recommend enrolling in Freddie B’s in home pet evaluation and see for yourself what a fabulous dog whisperer this trainer is. Enrolling in his 4 week class once you see what’s being offered, is great value for money, and we started seeing good things happen on day one."

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