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Virtual Behavior Assessment/Consultation

Learn how to establish a training foundation for your pup for any behavior modification or training.

  • 1 h
  • 30 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting

Service Description

During this approx. one hour session, I explain my teaching methods, philosophies, training equipment used and how they can be integrated into your own program. Also during this session, I will briefly explain and discuss the importance of knowing the breed identify of your furbaby and how to recognize and interpret the various canine body language signals dogs use to communicate how they feel and/or what they want. Having a familiarization and working knowledge of breed identify and canine body language can enable you to more deeply understand your furbaby: why they do the things they do and how/why they react to various stimuli and situations. My philosophy on this subject is that you can't truly, and to the fullest extent possibly, help your furbaby modify their undesirable behaviors and/or teach them new behaviors unless your truly understand them [as explained above]. More importantly, I will explain and demonstrate with one my own rescue furbabies how to lay down a foundation in clearly establishing yourself as the leader of the "pack" then maintain it with positive reinforcement, which is a necessity in any training program and in everyday life in general with your furbaby. A dog who clearly understands his "place" in the pack, i.e. the hierarchy, makes for a happy the contrary, a dog who lives in a chaotic environment with no clear hierarchy can make the dog's life stressful and filled with anxiety. Lastly, I will then discuss with you the specific behavior training/behavior modifications you would like, then suggest and review my recommended training plan with you going forward. Digital handouts will be provided, included any specific behavior reference materials pertinent to your situation.

Cancellation Policy

100% refund if canceled 24 hours prior to the time of the booked session.

Contact Details

509-28K-9Pro (509-285-9776)

Freddie B.'s Dog Teaching, L.L.C., North Newport Highway, Elk, WA, USA

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